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LATEST NEWS: June 2014: A funded (EU/UK) PhD studentship in GPU Accelerated Microsimulation of Transport Systems is available (deadline 11th July 2014)

Welcome to the homepage of Dr Paul Richmond.

Dr Richmond is an early career researcher holding a prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Fellowship in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield.

As an early career software engineering researcher, Dr Richmond has a proven track record of agenda setting, interdisciplinary research, pioneering the use of emerging high performance computing architectures (such as the GPUs or SpiNNaker) for complex systems simulation. He has developed novel techniques for both high performance agent based simulation and computational neuroscience simulation working previously on a EPSRC Doctoral prize fellowship and more recently on the EPSRC BIMPA platform grant.

Dr Richmond has published work in over 14 (peer reviewed) conferences, journals and book chapters including two best paper awards and has publications in the journal of Computational Neuroscience, PLoS One, and Briefings in Bioinformatics. Dr Richmond has acquired in total over £0.5M of research funding over the 4 year period since completing his PhD.

Dr Richmond has strong a background in public engagement out outreach. He has presented his work as a keynote speaker at invited conferences and workshops, industrial technology demonstrations and numerous open days and master class events. In addition to this he has engaged with policy makers, presenting to the government, including the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Home Office and the chairman of the Parliamentary Scientific Committee who presented him with an award at the House of Commons.

Paul Richmond

Dr Paul Richmond (Research Fellow)

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